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A toy lead is also known as a string lead and is meant for breeds under 6 pounds. The toy lead thickness is 1/8" with a length of about 4'. 

This lead is used as an all-in-one-type lead with a neck loop, a bead to slide down to tighten around the neck, and a swivel so the lead will not twist up if the dog turns.  The swivel and neck bead will be silver unless specified in the special instructions box.

The kindness part of this lead is a smooth satin pad, gentle on hair, and very securely attached to the neck loop. This is a true kindness pad where the cord does not run through the center of the pad.  The pad is also more gentle on the neck for those dogs who have a sensitive trachea. The fabric color will match the cord color, unless you make note in special instructions box.  The pad is about 1" wide and 3 1/2" long and is tapered at the ends.

I do have colored crystals, they do not catch light as much as the clear, which I normally use.  If you want colored crystals instead of clear, ask me first if I have that color in stock before you order.


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