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This brace coupler is meant for if you show in the brace class in dog shows or just want to take 2 dogs for a walk on one lead/leash. It's a very strong coupler, ALL breeds can use this. I sew the snaphooks in securely. This brace coupler is made of nylon. The nylon lead thickness is 3/16" with a custom length for each one. Please specify the cord only length, not including the snaphooks. I will use the regular snaphook unless you have a large breed that pulls hard, then order the larger snaphook. There is one cluster of beads on each cord. 

Suggested for a show brace,  order my coupler without beads, because it will be shorter for show and will add weight.  Instead use a lead with beading that will connect to your coupler, such as my loop lead.   For walking pets, this can be longer and accommodate beads easily.


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