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loop leads

For dog show leads

This lead is meant for the breeds who use a choke chain, or collar or even a harness with a D ring.  It's a very strong lead, ALL breeds can use this nylon lead.  It attaches to the ring of the collar easily.  

This lead is made of nylon.  The lead thickness is 3/16" with a length of about 3', unless you specify different.   If you want any special beading, certain colors, flowers, patterns for examples, specify in the special instructions box. 

Easy to connect to a choke collar...poke small loop of lead through the ring on the choke collar, take the other end of the choke collar and poke the ring through the small loop of the lead, and cinch down, OR poke the small loop of the lead through a ring of the choke and poke the handle of the lead through the small loop of the lead and cinch it down.



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